Where It All Began

   Steele Park is specifically the area above the Steele’s Alta Vista ranch on the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River a few miles north of Lake City and below Cannibal Plateau, where Alferd Packer murdered and devoured his companions in the winter of 1874. More generally, it encompasses the area where Charles and Cynthia Steele ran their cattle and cut timber. It is the starting point for the history contained here.

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  1. Wow! I loved looking thru all your info here. I’ve heard a lot of it before but a lot was knew to me.
    My mother was Nellie Steele Zaborac. Her father was Herb. Grandpa and I were very close. Growing up, I was at his house almost daily. One of my favorite things to do was to look through Aunt Betty’s book Gunnison Country. I knew most of the stories by heart and Grandpa would expand on them since he knew most of the people and places. He eventually gave me that book with an inscription from Aunt Betty to him and now one from Grandpa to me. It is tattered and torn but one of my prized possessions and memories.
    I’ve never made it down there to the ranch but my sister has. She corresponded with Uncle Charlie quite regularly and eventually went down and saw them on a vacation.
    I started looking into our family quite a few years ago but then got away from it. I recently was looking up Cynthia Weed and your site came up. Before, I found a family tree that went back to 495 including a couple kings of England.
    Anyway, thanks for the stories. Feel free to contact me.

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